The Hudson Valley's first significant severe weather threat of the season comes Monday afternoon.
It’s been a bumpy road over the last few weeks, but Mother Nature is about to turn over a new leaf.
Maybe you're wondering: when will it turn warmer? You may have to wait a little longer!
It’s the type of pattern that’s more sweatshirts and warm socks than sandals and sunglasses 🤷‍♂️
Last week, it reached 85 degrees. This week, it will dip into the upper 20s with a chance for snow!
A string of warmer days is expected in the Hudson Valley this week 🌡️
It won't be the sunniest week, but warmer temperatures are on the horizon for mid-April.
Ben Noll "hibernation season" arrivesBen Noll “hibernation season” has arrived! That means that the risk for additional snow days this school year is sufficiently low.
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