Plans Saturday? Mother Nature does too

Update #423a

Hello all. This is an update about a coastal storm system that is expected to impact the Hudson Valley on Saturday.

While specific details are still being fine tuned, here’s what looks likely at the moment:

  • Low pressure forms over the Carolinas on Friday, moves up the East Coast on Friday night-Saturday as a “nor’easter”

  • While this setup would normally put much of the Northeast on watch for snow, there will be a limited amount of cold air this time around

  • There looks to be enough cold air for a swath of snow on the storm’s backside — the swath’s location is currently a question mark

  • Elevation will play a role: higher elevations will be more likely to see snow

  • The system looks to be a relatively fast mover

In a situation like this, it is a good idea to check the forecast regularly. Every 6 hours, numerical weather prediction models ingest the latest satellite data, which provides fresh information on the atmospheric “puzzle pieces” that will make up the eventual storm. This has a positive effect on forecast accuracy and precision.

Here’s what the Hudson Valley could experience:

  • A cold rain arriving later on Friday

  • A possible changeover to wet snow on Saturday as cold air wraps into the system

  • Depending on storm track, the potential to be in the relatively narrow swath of accumulating snow (low confidence!)

  • Storm clearing out on Saturday night

So there you have it. No need to rush to the store and buy bread and milk at this point 😅

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