Snow potential next week

Update #424a

Hi everyone. This is an update regarding the potential for two snow events in the Hudson Valley next week, one on Monday and another more formidable threat on Wednesday-Thursday.


Following a warm day in the 50s on Sunday, a cold front will slide through the region overnight, seeing temperatures fall into the 30s. A swath of wet snow could then graze the Hudson Valley, starting mid-morning Monday morning, as a coastal low passes to the south.

While temperatures will be marginally cold enough in the lower 30s, there is a chance for a narrow band of moderate snow rates and they could encompass the Hudson Valley.

This could lead to snow covered roads and sidewalks from late Monday morning through the afternoon before things end by evening. It’s this wet variety of snow that often leads to issues on the roads — it causes very slippery conditions!

Furthermore, a hard freeze is expected on Monday night.

Only a small shift in track would bump the Hudson Valley out of the risk zone, hence a less definitive forecast at the moment. If the forecast holds, a 1-3 or 2-4 inch nuisance snowfall would occur, along with a shot at school impacts.

….school predictions will be issued if necessary!


Wow. It’s tough not to be impressed at the potential, but important to remain measured since this event is still over 5 days away.

The pieces are in place for a big snowstorm: cold Canadian high pressure to the north, coastal low pressure developing in a classical location, and a hemispheric pattern that is conducive to wintry weather in the Northeast.

Timing wise, late Wednesday through Thursday morning is currently favored.

While I will again reiterate that it is early, significant snowfall accumulations could occur. This would mean: impacts to travel and school, a substantial snow cleanup, and a winter wonderland feel that we haven’t had in quite some time.

Details will change, but the probability for a snow event is medium to high.

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