In the know about next week's possible snow

Update #431c

Hello there! So the snow this week, well, may have just been an appetizer. The entrée might be served early next week 🍲

Here’s three things you should know about what Mother Nature could serve up next week:

  1. Potential for a long-duration coastal snow storm. The event could be drawn out over several days: right now, Monday and Tuesday both have a chance to be impacted, with some chance for late Sunday and/or early Wednesday to be in the impact window.

  2. Friday and Saturday’s frigid temperatures, courtesy of a lobe of the polar vortex, will be a stage-setter. High temperatures will only be in the teens on Friday with sub-zero wind chills.

  3. While it is too early to talk specific accumulation numbers, at this point there is a medium chance for six or more inches.

While forecast details will become sharper over the next several days, you can still use the next day or two to plan: what would you do in case of up to two snow days early next week?

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