Digging out and looking ahead

Update #432b

A good snowy morning to you! It has now been snowing for over 30 consecutive hours in the Hudson Valley.

Amounts of 12-18 inches have been common with pockets of 18-24 inches. That’s about 40-60% of the winter normal snowfall from one storm.

Traffic cameras show that the condition of main roads is improving. Back roads will take time to be cleared today.

Light snow and blowing snow is expected to continue for most of today and will even linger into Wednesday! Little in the way of additional accumulation is expected, however.

Looking ahead, we’ve got two features of interest:

  1. Friday: a warm front is expected to move toward the region during the morning, producing some snow. A small accumulation is possible before temperatures rise above freezing during the afternoon. I’ll be keeping an eye on the chance for any school disruptions.

  2. Sunday-Sunday night: Another coastal snow storm may take shape. The current weather pattern has a lot of moving parts, so a precise forecast won’t be possible for another few days. If you have plans Sunday, keep checking back!

It still looks to turn very cold and windy for a time early next week 🥶

Busy times!