Tuesday snow update

Update #433b

Good morning! For the early risers wondering about the very latest on today’s weather, I have an update.

As of 4:30 am, a swath of snow stretched across PA into southern NY, as the radar indicates below. Snow was falling steadily across the Catskills and lightly in Hudson Valley, as reported at Monticello, Montgomery, and Stewart Airport.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Snow is expected to fall steadily from the morning through the early afternoon.

  • Snow rates are expected to reach about a half inch per hour at peak intensity from about mid-morning onward.

  • In general, 3-5 inches are expected along and north of I-84 with 2-3 inches to the south. In other words, more snow north, a bit less south.

  • With temperatures in the teens to low 20s this morning, snow will have no trouble sticking.

  • Take it slow on the roads as they’ll become snow-coated and slippery during the morning commute.

  • Snow will wrap up by about 4:00 pm, so improving conditions are likely during the evening commute.

For those wondering about Thursday and Friday, the worst of the weather will probably end up tracking south of the Hudson Valley.

Some light snow may graze the region on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, but it’s quite unlikely to be as disruptive as it looked earlier in week.

Since it is still a close call, I’ll keep an eye on things in case of any changes.

Unless the late week forecast changes, you might not hear from me for a few days! Keep following on Twitter for the very latest.

Have a great day and stay safe.