It's a marathon ❄️

Update #433c

Do your best to keep up! There’s more snow coming 😬

Saturday night-Sunday

Yet another coastal storm could bring some snow. It’s not the strongest of storms and looks more like a glancing blow rather than a direct hit at this point. Nevertheless, it could be disruptive. Amounts are still up in the air.


This appears to be a more formidable threat, first delivering a blast of snow and cold to the nation’s midsection — as far south as Texas — before reaching the East Coast.

Early days and no promises, but this one has snow day potential for the Hudson Valley.

As I’ve mentioned before, this weather pattern is fast-paced and can come with frequent shifts that make a big difference to the conditions that we ultimately experience. You’ll just have to hang on for the ride and trust that I’ll keep you informed ☺️

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