Storm after storm

Updated #433d

Happy Friday! I’ve got the very latest on the storm threats for the Hudson Valley over the next week and wow, does it look busy!

A lobe of the polar vortex (white circle) has meandered down from the Arctic and is helping to spur on an exceptionally busy weather pattern across the United States. Europe has also recently felt its effects. Interestingly, it’s the same phenomenon that generated all the snowy weather in March 2018.

What’s jumped out over the last 24 hours is that we might not exclusively be dealing with snow. Ice (sleet and freezing rain) may soon be heard pinging off our roofs.

Saturday night-Sunday: Right now, it’s looking like an icy mix from Saturday night into Sunday morning. Although snow accumulation and/or ice accretion looks light, it wouldn’t take much for surfaces to turn into a skating rink with temperatures only in the teens. For those with travel plans on Sunday, it’s currently looking dicey during the morning with the potential for improving conditions later on.

Monday: There’s now a chance that Monday could get in on the winter weather action. Waves of moisture will streak along a frontal boundary into the region, bringing a chance for periods of wintry precipitation throughout the day.

Tuesday: This is the one that has gotten the most attention so far, which seems appropriate looking at the latest forecast. The storm will come with a lot of moisture but will also be a fast mover. It has a chance to produce significant snowfall, but there’s also the potential for ice to mix in, which would limit accumulations to some extent. It’s still early, but travel conditions look like they will be hazardous across the Northeast, so you might want to start thinking of alternatives or rescheduling things. For schools that are in session, closures are looking increasingly possible.

Thursday-Friday: Believe it or not, another storm is possible before the end of the week. This one is quite far out there and just worth a mention at this point.

So there you have it, the very latest. It’s a torrent of winter weather events. Keep treading water, we’ll get through it!