Starting to feel more like spring

Update #436

A happy Sunday to you! Here’s a mostly happy seven day forecast to brighten an otherwise dreary day in the Hudson Valley…

The upcoming week will have peaks and valleys, as is typical for March, but there aren’t any winter storms on the radar.

After periods of rain through early Monday, a potent cold front will race through the region later Monday. Before that happens, a rather mild but breezy day will take shape.

The cold air that blows in Monday night through Tuesday will be impressive if only brief. Believe it or not, our old friend the polar vortex will make a 12 hour visit. Although the stormy, cold cell calls the Arctic home, small pieces of it can break off and brush the northern states during winter.

The next day will be the polar opposite! A mild, southwest air flow will give the air a spring-like feel on Wednesday with plenty of sunshine 🌱

It won’t last though! Thursday won’t be as mild as yet another cold front approaches the region, probably later in the day.

The colder air will hang around for Friday, giving way to a slight warming trend for the weekend.

Looking further ahead, temperatures during the week of the 8th look rather mild with 50s and even 60s possible! 🌡️

Unforgettable February

If you thought it snowed a lot this month, you’re correct. With 33 inches of snow on average across the region, February 2021 has turned out to be the Hudson Valley’s 3rd snowiest February in at least the last four decades. Only February 2014 and 2010 were snowier. Congrats to everyone for battling through it! I bet it was especially memorable for the superintendents 🙃

Happy meteorological spring on Monday and have a great week!