A springy start to spring

Update #439

Well hello there! I hope this update finds you enjoying the first few sunny days of spring.

It’s easily our most comfortable start to the season in years — the last time we had sustained 50s and 60s around the March equinox was 2016.

Before we spring into this week’s outlook, let’s take a quick look back at what winter 2020-21 brought to the Hudson Valley.

The regional average total snowfall was 59 inches, about 20 inches above the long-term normal. Barring any unforeseen late season shenanigans, that’s where it’ll end.

In my Hudson Valley winter outlook issued in October, I said “…the winter season could feature near or even slightly above normal snowfall in the Hudson Valley” and that there would “probably be more snow than last year (2019-20)”.

Not bad.

Now looking ahead, the next several days can be summed up with a simple emoji: 🌞

A few meteorological masterpieces will be drummed up.

A large ridge of high pressure will remain anchored over the region from Sunday-Tuesday, bringing high temperatures around 60 — over 10 degrees above average for the time of year.

On Wednesday, the high pressure center will be pushed east by a weak disturbance, causing more clouds and perhaps some scattered showers.

Some clouds may linger early Thursday, but a warming and brightening trend is possible during the afternoon with some of the toastiest temperatures of the week.

On Friday, a front will approach from the south and west. Some rather humid air could be dragged northward from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing a chance for showers (not all day though) and maybe even a rumble of thunder.

The mild conditions are expected to hold through most of next weekend. A cold front could move through between Sunday-Monday, setting the stage for a more changeable, cooler weather week of the 29th compared to the upcoming one.

In case you missed it, I was recently featured in the Albany Times Union newspaper — check it out!

As the Northern Hemisphere welcomed spring this weekend, autumn arrived in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here in New Zealand, we’re still holding onto summer-like weather patterns for now. Scenes from the first day of fall…

Have a great week!