You didn't think it would stay warm, did you?

Update #440

Hi there!

The long-standing climate station in Poughkeepsie, operating for the last 90 years, reached 80 degrees on Friday. The first 80 degree temperature of the year came about a month earlier than normal.

This sniff of summer will be brushed away by a sharp cold front late Sunday, causing heavy rain and potentially the first thunderstorm of the year for the region.

Gusty winds, a hallmark of spring, are expected as the front passes the region between 6:00-8:00 pm — gusts of 40-50 mph will continue overnight into Monday.

After cooler conditions on Monday, Tuesday will be appreciably warmer with plenty of sunshine.

A low pressure system will approach Wednesday afternoon, with the chance for rain building later in the day and lasting overnight. A cold, Canadian air mass will blow in behind the system with the potential for rain to end as a few wet snowflakes on Thursday morning as the wind picks up once again.

Some cold, frosty nights late in the week will lead to the demise of the daffodils that emerged this past week!

Friday looks winter-like 🥶 before a weekend warmup.

The week of April 5th looks to have continued variable weather conditions, typical of spring. Strap in for the ride! 🎢

Have a wonderful week.