Who's ready for a taste of summer?

Update #447

Hi there! Big changes are coming with the weather this week as the switch gets flipped from changeable spring conditions to summer-like warmth 🎚️

If you haven’t had a chance to pop the AC in the window, now might be a good time.

Cutting to the chase, here’s how things are looking…

Both today and Monday will have similar weather conditions to the last few days: sunshine and clouds mixed with scattered showers and a few thunderstorms developing during the afternoon.

A warmer air mass will push into the region on Wednesday, allowing temperatures to reach 80 degrees for the 4th time this year. By all accounts, a fantastic day to spend time outside if you can ⛱️

From Thursday-Sunday, a large upper-atmosphere ridge of high pressure will be centered over the Southeast states. For the Hudson Valley, this setup will allow a warm, westerly flow of air to persist for days.

The region will sit near the northern periphery of the ridge, which means that a few disturbances may come close enough to trigger some scattered showers and thunderstorms, particularly during the afternoons. This is the one fly in the ointment — a poorly timed cluster of showers could put a damper on the weather for a day, but the chances of it happening aren’t high.

Humidity is expected to build by next weekend.

Will it last?

Not exactly. The week of the 24th looks warm to start, but a cold front may blow through by midweek.

Heat is expected to build again during June. How’s summer looking, you ask? Well, it’s unlikely to be cooler than normal…

Have a great week and enjoy the warmth!