First heatwave of the year

Update #450

Hello there! The hottest air of the year so far is hovering over the Hudson Valley and it could become the season’s first heatwave.

Temperatures soared to 92 degrees in the Hudson Valley on Saturday — if it reaches 90 degrees today (Sunday) and again on Monday, it will go into the books as a heatwave (3+ consecutive days of 90+ degree heat) 🥵

The high of 92 on Saturday was a full *42* degrees warmer than last Saturday 🙃

Talk about weather whiplash!

Looking ahead, humidity levels will increase notably on Monday before reaching Floridian levels on Tuesday and Wednesday. Scattered, heavy afternoon showers and thunderstorms will also be possible as a sultry air mass surges northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

On Wednesday night, a weakening cold front will approach the region from the north. It could sag into the Hudson Valley on Thursday, potentially stalling near or just south of the region.

If it pushes south, humidity would ease by Friday and next weekend, allowing you to give your air conditioner a rest 🤞

The late week front’s close proximity will cause extra forecast uncertainty. Keep an eye on things if you have plans later this week and next weekend.

A warming trend is possible next weekend before another cool down during the week of the 14th.

Winter on the other side of the world 🏔️

June marks the start of meteorological winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the new season has well and truly arrived in New Zealand’s South Island.

In case you’ve forgotten what snow looks like, let me remind you…

New Zealand’s climate is tempered by the relatively warm Pacific Ocean which surrounds the country. Snow is unusual in coastal areas of the South Island but common across the mountainous interior, particularly above 5000 feet elevation.

Ski areas cross their fingers for early winter snow, although peak winter tends to occur a little later, during July and August.

And yes, even though I’ve been in New Zealand for 5+ years, winter during July still feels odd!

Meanwhile, winter in New York is just under 200 days away!

Have a great week ☺️