Blazing heat to start the week

Update #453

The Hudson Valley is set to bake upon the outer periphery of the “Bermuda ridge” of high pressure early this week.

Note: this comes with Bermuda-like heat and humidity but the banks of the Hudson will not turn into white, sandy beaches, sadly 🤷‍♂️

A Heat Advisory has been issued for Monday when heat index values could reach 104 degrees 🥵

On the other side of the continent, the Pacific Northwest will experience a whole new level of heat — a hellish 114 degrees will descend upon the city of Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, easily making it the Rose City’s hottest temperature on record. A lack of air conditioning in this part of the country will elevate the risk for heat-related illness and stress.

In fact, Portland is expected to be hotter than about 99.8% of planet Earth today (Sunday).

Back east, the Hudson Valley’s heatwave is expected to last through Wednesday. Highs in the low to mid 90s will be coupled with merciless humidity, day and night.

Monday afternoon will probably be dry, but there will be a chance for scattered shower and thunderstorm activity on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. With a moisture-laden air mass overhead, any shower or thunderstorm that forms could be heavy.

More numerous showers and thunderstorms look likely for Thursday and Friday with a front draped across the region. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a flood risk develop in the Northeast with the slow-moving nature of the weather, but it’s too soon to say exactly where. If you have plans, keep checking the forecast.

Next weekend, it’s not looking as hot, but it’s too early to rule out additional shower and thunderstorm activity, including on the 4th 🎆 It does however look less widespread than previous days, so there’s reason to be optimistic!

The week of July 5th looks to have building heat through the week 🌡️

On the bottom of the Earth…

New Zealand has so far enjoyed a mellow winter.

Taking advantage of the comfortable 65 degree weather, I hit the beach.

It’s a bit too cold to go for a swim (without a wet suit) this time of the year, but it doesn’t stop folks from enjoying the scenery and the fresh ocean air.

Have a winning week and stay 🆒

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