Oh, the humidity!

Update #455

Humid. Showers. Thunderstorms.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

That’s this coming week in a nutshell. That’s all from me, catch you next we- … not so fast. There are weddings and birthdays to be celebrated, engagement photos to be snapped, and sports games to be played. While Mother Nature generally won’t cooperate, I’ll try my best to keep you one step ahead of her.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that the Hudson Valley has now had more rain during July than it had all of June. We’ll add to the tally this week and wow, will the humidity be unrelenting!

The extra moisture in the atmosphere will come from an air mass that originated in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Meteorologists have the ability to track the path an air parcel took en route to a location. In the case of the Hudson Valley this week, our air is getting shipped in from near the Bahamas.

Bahamian air on vacation in the Hudson Valley.

I hate to break it to you, but that’s not as pleasant as it sounds…

Heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely on Monday, though the whole day won’t be a wash out — stormy weather is most likely during the afternoon and evening. As we’ve seen the last few weeks, localized severe storms can cause damaging winds as thunderstorms bring down more intense winds from the mid atmosphere to the ground.

The thunderstorm risk will continue on Tuesday, though it looks less widespread than Monday. Wednesday will have more of the same, with a front possibly acting as a trigger for stronger, more widespread storms later in the day.

Some briefly drier air could blow in for Thursday, bringing a lower chance for shower and thunderstorm activity compared to surrounding days — probably the pick day of the week because of it!

Looking ahead to Friday and the weekend, another front is expected to approach the region, increasing the thunderstorm chance once again. Sunday may have a better chance for dry weather, but keep an eye on things if you have plans.

On the bright side, at least we’re not in Death Valley, California…

130 degrees was measured for the first time with modern weather instrumentation on Friday and it could happen today 🌶️

The week of the 19th could turn less stormy 🤞

From the other side 🌏

By just looking at these photos, how warm do you think it is?

A) 55˚F

B) 65˚F

C) 75˚F

D) 85˚F

If you answered 55 degrees, you’d be correct! It looks warmer though, right?

Have an ice cream filled week 🍦