More sunshine, lower humidity

Update #456

Happy Sunday! This is Ben Noll checking in with the latest weather update for the Hudson Valley.

It has been an extremely stormy July so far, ranking as the 17th wettest July on record (since 1931) in Poughkeepsie with just under 2 weeks still to go. Undoutedly the ranking will continue to climb, though the upcoming week is looking a bit more tranquil.

The wet pattern has been a result of frequent, slow-moving fronts and very humid air.

This coming week, starting on Wednesday, the wind will blow from the northwest, a cooler, less humid direction.

On Monday, there will be widely scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly during the afternoon.

Although the humidity will still be on the higher side, Tuesday looks dry across the region.

On Wednesday, a cold front will drop down from Canada and track across the region. Given the sharp change in air mass with this front, it will likely spark off scattered storms as it passes through. At this point, the timing looks to be earlier in the day.

More comfortable air will filter into the region on Wednesday night with lows in the upper 50s — an opportunity to open the windows and give the AC a rest! ☺️

A stretch of days with highs in the upper 70s, about 5 degrees cooler than average, is likely thereafter.

Thursday looks dry while Friday has only a slight chance for a shower. Saturday is signaled to be dry at this point while a disturbance could track toward the area on Sunday.

The week of the 26th looks like it could continue to run slightly cooler than average but trend in a wetter direction.

In the community

Last week I had the opportunity to virtually visit the Pine Bush STEAM Academy and answer their questions about meteorology. It was a fun hour where the students came up to the screen and asked all types of questions about the weather.

One of my favorites was "what does 30% chance of rain mean?", which has apparently sparked spirited discussions on Tik Tok. Do you know what it really means? 😄

I get a lot of requests for virtual visits and, while they are rewarding, it is challenging between the time difference (since I'm in New Zealand) and work.

The STEAM team sent me a very thoughtful gift after I had the pleasure of chatting to them. Their teacher said: “they (the students) recycled the wood, cut it, programmed the lettering in CAD, laser cut it, and spray painted it themselves!! They were super excited to give it to you.”

Thank you Pine Bush!

Enjoy a sunnier week 🌞