Turkey with a side of sunshine

Update #474

Hello 😊 The weather rumor mill has been busy this week as I’ve fielded numerous questions about a (phantom) snow storm.

Although cold weather will arrive in waves this week, along with a chance for flurries or snow showers, a full-fledged snow storm is not on the menu at the moment! ❄️

Before we get to the forecast, I wanted to share a neat atmosphere phenomenon that occurred over the Hudson Valley on Saturday. Called a circumzenithal arc, it’s a type of halo that arises from refraction of sunlight through ice crystals in high clouds.

It looks like a rainbow smile in the sky! Someone on Facebook commented that it was a confused rainbow 😅 Either alternative definition is acceptable!

Looking ahead, pre-Thanksgiving travel looks like it will be able to go ahead without much fight from Mother Nature.

A front will pass through the region tonight and early Monday morning, bringing some rain showers. It should be mostly done by sunrise with clouds gradually giving way to afternoon sunshine.

The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday is easy: ☀️

🥶 It will be rather chilly on Tuesday, when high temperatures may struggle to reach 40 degrees for the first time since early April. There will be a breeze too.

There will be a warming trend for Thanksgiving, with little wind and temperatures high enough to consider spending some time outdoors. I’m calling it turkey with a side of sunshine!

From Friday onward, things will get a little more complicated weather-wise.

Another Canadian cold front will sweep across the region, bringing the chance for showers at some point on Friday. Markedly chillier air will move in immediately behind the front.

The atmosphere above the Northeast could remain disturbed over the weekend with a flurry chance and windy weather featuring in the forecast. Something to keep an eye on, but still looking relatively unlikely to be disruptive.

Looking further ahead, the week of the 29th looks to start off on the colder side. At this point, I couldn’t rule out some snow showers, but the signal for a big storm really isn’t there. A warming trend looking possible later in the week as we welcome December.

Even so, it’s only a matter of time until we’re talking two hour delays, closings, and early dismissals… hope you’re ready!

Lunar eclipse

Did you see the blood moon / lunar eclipse earlier in the week? This was my view on Friday night in Auckland as the moon sat on the rim of the Sky Tower 🌝

Have a terrific Thanksgiving! Thanks for following along and making me your meteorologist of choice 🙏

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