The Hudson Valley's first significant severe weather threat of the season comes Monday afternoon.
It’s been a bumpy road over the last few weeks, but Mother Nature is about to turn over a new leaf.
Maybe you're wondering: when will it turn warmer? You may have to wait a little longer!
It’s the type of pattern that’s more sweatshirts and warm socks than sandals and sunglasses 🤷‍♂️
Last week, it reached 85 degrees. This week, it will dip into the upper 20s with a chance for snow!
A string of warmer days is expected in the Hudson Valley this week 🌡️
It won't be the sunniest week, but warmer temperatures are on the horizon for mid-April.
Ben Noll "hibernation season" arrivesBen Noll “hibernation season” has arrived! That means that the risk for additional snow days this school year is sufficiently low.
Snow, cold, and the polar vortex all make a brief return to the Hudson Valley 🥶
The sun has set on winter. Is the Hudson Valley done with snow days or is there still a chance?
🕰️ The clocks have sprung forward and so will the weather in the Hudson Valley this week! 🌡️
Avoid traveling during the worst of the storm between 10:00 am-2:00 pm with up to around 6 inches possible 🌨️